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myRhinoplasty London is a three day meeting designed to enable the participant to enhance and heighten their understanding of nasal deformity and the options and rationale for contemporary correction.

Emphasis will be placed on both surgical techniques and displaying the practical knowledge required to optimise rhinoplasty craftsmanship.

The participant will benefit from a comprehensive presentation of surgical videos. The goals are to present from an international, multispecialty faculty the highest standards of intellectual enquiry leading to contemporary nasal analysis and planning, and the art of surgical mastery.

The meeting will facilitate reflection and application to the individual participants’ practice. We will also look to the future and a more profound aesthetic understanding of the nose in the context of the whole face.

2014 – Aesthetics meets Reconstruction
Module 1 – the foundation of contemporary, aesthetic rhinoplasty
The participant will be able to:

• Develop their ideal system for nasal analysis and patient selection
• Recognise and describe the nuances of aesthetic and functional nasal anatomy
• Perform psychological assessment of patients requesting aesthetic nasal surgery
• Describe the latest thoughts, techniques related to reducing and restructuring the primary nasal dorsum
• Describe the latest thoughts, techniques related to refining the primary nasal tip
• Diagnose and describe the difficult case and to classify cases to match their level of surgical experience
Module 2 – nasal reconstruction
The participant will:

• Produce a treatment plan for partial & total nasal reconstruction
• Describe repair of septal perforation  
• Describe surgical restoration of the nose and face following naso-ethmoidal trauma
• Describe the level of complexity of these techniques
• Explain the advantages and disadvantages and risks vs. benefits of these techniques and their relationship to surgical experience following panel based discussion
• Take part in small group case-based tutorials and explain their surgical plans with reference to their surgical experience
Module 3 – aesthetic and reconstructive interplay & cross-fertilisation
The participant will be able to:

• Classify and produce surgical treatment plans for the saddle nose
• Describe the surgical options for restoration of the nasal tip in secondary rhinoplasty
• Produce surgical treatment plans for the collapsed, involuted nose



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